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Karela Jamun Tulsi Juice


Karela Jamun Tulsi Juice

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5 Customer Review

Herbovedik Jamun Karela Tulsi Juice is prepared from natural extracts of Karela which is also known as bitter gourd and aims to formulate a herbal product that helps in maintaining sugar levels, effective for the eye, hair, and skin.

Karela Jamun Tulsi Juice Benefits

  • Helps maintain blood glucose levels
  • Good for skin
  • Beneficial for eye and hair health
  • Provide relief from sore throat
  • Add 15 ml of Herbovedik’s Karela Tulsi Juice to a glass of water.
  • Take it in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Consume it twice a day for a minimum of 3 months to see effective results.
  • Jamun - It is also known as Indian black cherry. It can help protect from heart disease, high blood pressure, and the risk of stroke. It is also beneficial in the treatment of diabetes and relieves symptoms of diarrhea and stomach ulcers.

  • Karela - It contains antioxidant,anti-bacterial,anti-viral, and hypoglycaemic. Karela is high in fiber and aids with bowel movement and soothes the stomach and reduces constipation.

  • Tulsi - It is the common plant found in every Indian house its green leaves are commonly eaten raw to cure cough and cold. Tulsi is the most significant herb in Ayurveda which has various health benefits such as helping beat stress, improving digestion, aiding in loose weight, good for skin, and enhancing immunity.

Is karela Jamun juice good for diabetes?
Herbovedik’s Karela Jamun Juice is beneficial for diabetes used along with regular exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes.

When to drink karela jamun juice?
One can have Herbovedik’s Karela Jamun Juice in the morning as well as in the evening.

How to take karela jamun juice?
Add 30 ml of Herbovedik’s Karela Jamun Juice to half a glass of water in the morning and in the evening. Avoid taking any meal for 30 mins after taking the juice.

Can we take karela and jamun juice on empty stomach?
Yes, Herbovedik’s Karela Jamun Juice is generally recommended on an empty stomach.

Do we drink karela jamun juice before or after meals?
It is not recommended to take aunty meal within 30 minutes of taking the Karela Jamun Juice.
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Customer Reviews
    March 2, 2023

    मेरे बॉडी में हमेशा ब्लड ग्लूकोस की मात्रा की कमी रहती थी। करेला जामुन तुलसी जूस के सेवन से मेरी यह समस्या अब दूर हो गई क्योंकि यह घटते ब्लड ग्लूकोस को भी मेन्टेन करता है और जो मेरे चेहरे में कील मुहासे थे वो भी ख़त्म हो गए।

  • kalpana
    March 2, 2023

    यह मेरा अनुभव है की करेला जामुन तुलसी जूस को 3 महीने प्रतिदिन सेवन के बाद मुझे बहुत ही लाभदायक परिणाम मिला। मेरी आँखों की जो समस्या थी वो ठीक हो गई,मुझे कुछ महीने पहले बहुत धुंधला-धुंधला सा दीखता था और अब सब कुछ साफ़ साफ़ दिखने लगा। डॉक्टर ने तो मुझे चश्मा लगाने की सलाह तक दे डाली थी।

  • nilam
    March 2, 2023

    तहे दिल से धन्यवाद आपका,मैं अपनी त्वचा को लेकर काफी परेशान रहती थी क्योंकि मेरे चेहरे में काफी सरे दाग धब्बे और फुंसियां होने लगे थे। मैं बहुत साडी दवाइयों का उपयोग की मगर मेरी त्वचा में और अधिक फुंसियां आने लगे। फिर मैं आयुर्वेदिक से बना करेला जामुन तुलसी जूस का सेवन की जिससे की आज मेरी त्वचा सम्बंधित जो समस्या थी वो ख़त्म हो गई और त्वचा में पहले से अधिक निखार भी आया।

  • piplika
    March 2, 2023

    My hair had become very weak and due to weakness hair started falling profusely. I tried many remedies for my hair but to no avail and instead my hair started falling more and more. Then I got Karela Jamun Tulsi juice. I am very happy after consuming this as today I have long black thick hair.

  • sona
    February 18, 2023

    "I have been using Herbovedik Karela Jamun Tulsi Juice for a few weeks now, and I am really impressed with the results. I have noticed a significant improvement in my blood sugar levels, and my doctor has even commented on how much my levels have improved. The juice has a slightly bitter taste, but I have found that mixing it with a little bit of honey or lemon juice makes it more palatable. I appreciate that the juice is made from natural ingredients and is free from any harmful chemicals or additives. I would definitely recommend Herbovedik Karela Juice to anyone looking for a natural way to support their blood sugar levels and overall health."

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